10 Year Guarantee
Shop fitout company

Shop fitouts & Refits

Fit outs and refits of shops and retail stores, designed and made to suit the needs of the client and best tailored furniture for the requirements of their business.

Our project design manager is a fully qualified product & furniture designer and has over 5 years experience in the field. He has a great knowledge of the furniture industry and brings new thinking and vibrant designs to the company. He will guide you through the experience from start to finish.

Here at Grade one we are proud of our work and committed to ensure our clients receive the best quality that will last. We carry a 10 year warranty for all products and components.

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Shop refit company

An individual & hands-on practical approach to shop fitouts & refits

Here at grade one we always have the customer in mind and would organise face to face meetings for a more engaging experience. This would ensure they are part of every step of the process..

  • Many years experience
  • Modern design tools
  • Wide range of suppliers
  • Vast CNC experience
  • Fully insured

Innovative, creative and dependable... Everytime!

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